Should the Forest Service Promote Biomass Heating?

by Steve Bick

James Kellogg calls on National Forests supply wood to replace fossil fuels for thermal energy and boost the use of biomass heating in Western states. In a recent article in the Glenwood Springs (CO) Post Independent, Kellog explains how National Forests hold the promise of green energy. We’ve seen how heating facilities with woody biomass has taken hold in Vermont and other cold locales. Biomass heating could provide markets to facilitate forest fire fuel reduction and salvage of beetle-killed wood in Colorado and other western states.


  1. We want also save tigers… But nobody try it

  2. Sustained yield conventional timber sales (on 12″ and under small log harvests – completely viable with modern wood products small log manufacturing processes) coupled with biomass stewardship contracts for slash, undergrowth, and dead and dying to support both energy efficiency and forest health is a great combination. The USFS can and should promote both. Triple win…environment, rural jobs, and the taxpayer?