Tribute to P.J. Hill

There are a few very special teachers of economics.  Paul Heyne was one.  Ken Elzinga is another. And PJ Hill is another.

That’s Pete Boettke commemorating the teaching career of PERC’s very own P.J. Hill, who is retiring from teaching at Wheaton College this week. Here is an excellent tribute to Prof. Hill written by a former student.

In honor of P.J.’s celebrated teaching career, here are some of P.J. Hill-related readings:


  1. Laura Huggins says:

    My first introduction to PJ was at PERC’s seminar for undergraduates. I had no idea an economist could have so much passion and personality (and patience as he let me ride his horse and try to rope a pretend steer!). Thank you PJ for opening my eyes to the world of free market environmentalism.

  2. I had the privilege of learning from PJ at Wheaton College. Many of us can attest that as a young undergrad, an interest in economics can be made or broken by the passion/quality of the professor. PJ was and is the best at making it far from boring (even throwing racquetballs around the room from time to time!). Also, I can attest that PJ truly cares for his students, even after we graduate. He has been a mentor and a friend to me ever since Wheaton (including introducing me to PERC!) and I would not be who I am today without his molding in my life. I echo Prof. Lambert’s sentiments 100%!